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February 27 - March 3, 2023

Sessions are pre-recorded for your convenience.  Each day's sessions are available for 24 hours.

Topics include:

  • ​Start strong in blogging
  • ​Get or grow traffic
  • ​Build an audience
  • ​Monetization strategies
  • ​Make the most of your time
  • ​Blogging techniques and success strategies
  • ​How to leverage the power of AI
  • ​And lots more!
future of Blogging Summit speakers:
Online Sales Optimizing
Caroline Vencil
Grow your Income with Tripwires
Affiliate Monetization
Jessica Evans
What it takes to be a Successful Affiliate- My Top 5 Tips That Will Increase Your Conversions Now
Content Creation
Abigail King
Red Hot Writing for Bloggers
Content Creation Planning
Heather Ritchie
Building a Winning Content Plan That Allows You To Make More Money With Your Content
Sales Monetization
Julie Coffman
Easy Product Profits with Low Content Publishing
Content Optimization
Michelle Pontvert
 Content Creation for Life-First Businesses
Legal Techniques
Amira Irfan
4 Costly Legal Mistakes to Avoid as a Blogger
Content & Traffic
Marlene Srdic
Why no one is reading your blog (and how to fix it)
Quiz Funnel Creation
Kylie Lang
How to Generate Leads on Autopilot with a High Converting Quiz Funnel
Podcast Audience Build
Jeremy Enns
How to Increase Your Exposure Through Strategic Podcast Guesting
Planning for Success
Liz Bloch
The Power of a Plan
Quality of Life
Steph Blake
How to run a 6-figure business in <20 hours/week
Pinterest Traffic
Nadalie Bardo
How to Grow Your Traffic with Pinterest in 2023
Audience Building
Samantha King
10X Your Blog Readership By Borrowing Other People's Audience
Diversified Income
Amy Smereck
Besides Blogging: Diversify to Grow your Business
Great Content
Nadine Nethery
Why your Audience holds the Key to your Blogging Success (and How you can Unlock it)
Affiliate Marketing
Kelly Morrison
How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog
Content Ideas
Emma Lee Bates
How to Never Run Out of Content: Strategy and Creation Made Easy
Google Analytics
Sherry Smothermon-Short
What Bloggers need to know about Google Analytics 4
Creating Collaborations
Lynn Neville
How to Monetize Your Blog & Make a Greater Impact With Collaborations
Social Media
Anca Pop
How to Get Maximum Results from Social Media
WordPress Techniques
Terry Loving
WordPress / Blogging for Non-Techie Beginners
Leveraging AI
Peggy Chen
aka "Penny Chen"- Perspectives on AI and How to Leverage it for Blogging
Lisa Atkinson
The Power of SEO
Audience Growth
Laura Agar Wilson
How to repurpose your blog to grow your audience
Email List Building
Jessica Haines
How to grow your email list through blogging
Visibility and Video
Linda Ugelow
Overcoming the fear of Visibility

Bonus:  Perspectives from Newer Bloggers!

Based on surveys from past summits, we are adding bonus speakers who are "regular" bloggers.  While these bloggers are on the earlier side of blogging, they are full of energy and enthusiasm about blogging and want to share about their journey with other new or hopeful bloggers.  

It is hoped that they can help give you perspectives on how to do well at blogging, even if you have multiple young children like Kat. Or even if you struggle with something that slows you down like Cerian's Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Blogging is full of opportunity and promise, and these early bloggers want to share some of their excitement about blogging and how it has benefited them.  They also want to share what they know now that they wish they knew starting out.  
Beginner Blogger
Cerian Thatcher
Seasonal Affective Disorder Challenges
Nurse Blogger
Sarah Lemay
Blogging with Chronic Illness
Mom Blogger
Katharine (Kat) Bachmann
Balancing Blogging as a Stay at Home Mom (German Language Blogging)
Self Care Blogger
Katharine Chestnut
Mindfulness: Create Inner Peace & Balance
Cocktail Blogger
Renee Clement
Cocktails and Blogging
Business Coach
Siobhan Cunningham
3 Devastating Distractions Keeping You From Clients and Cash
Beginner Blogger
Mikey Sackman
Why we need to step out of our comfort zones if we want to achieve our dreams/goals.
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